5 - 6 June

Alloverse? VR Jam?

Alloverse is an open source ecosystem for collaboration in VR. It provides access to the metaverse through a VR headset or desktop app and empowers anyone to create their own functional 3D apps to use inside.

The VR Jam is a 24-hour hackathon where teams and individuals are invited to design and build their own virtual app using Alloverse's API (and support from the Alloverse team). No headset required!

Toward the end of the event,  judges pick three favourite apps (in no particular order), and the authoring teams are each awarded with a fantastic prize: An Oculus Quest 2 VR headset! 

Work & Joy?

The core idea of the theme is born out of one of Alloverse's own values: having fun at work. Just because something pays the bills, it shouldn't have to mean it's a stressful chore. Obviously, we want to stay productive - but not at the cost of physical and mental health. And that's where "work & joy" comes into play!

We can't wait to see what "work & joy" means for you! Following are some examples that may serve as inspiration:

  • A way to collaborate virtually on a project.
  • A simple social game for teambuilding purposes - or a brain-boosting physical exercise break!
  • A relaxing environment for remote water cooler conversations.

In a nutshell...

  • The event will be taking place online from ~17:00 Saturday to ~17:00 Sunday, June 5-6. All times are in CET.
  • No previous experience with VR required - ideally, we want people with all kinds of skill sets- and levels.
  • We currently support coding apps in C, C#, Swift or lua. C# or lua is strongly suggested, however. :)
  • After signing up, join the #VR-Jam channel of our Discord. It's where all communication will take place, before and during the event.


Team Registration & Preparations

Time for everyone to get comfy in front of their computers! 

We'll meet up in the #jam-general Discord channel for team registrations and make sure everyone has access to their own virtual Place.

This is also a great time to download the latest Alloverse client, get comfortable with the API and ask questions.

Hacking Begins~

The host kicks off the event, and teams get to hacking.

Hacking Ends!

Hands off the keyboard!

As teams finish their project, they request a 5-minute slot for a quick presentation of their project.

Team Presentations Begin

Alloverse's judges join participants' virtual places one at a time, and the team gets 5 minutes to present and demo their project.

Award "ceremony"

After judges' deliberation, three winners are announced (in no particular order) according to the following criteria:

  • Best technical solution
  • Best creative solution
  • Most useful app

The presentations + awards gets live streamed on Alloverse's YouTube channel.